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Two Tone Gold And Silver Round Hebrew HZI Pendant Handcrafted

Two Tone Gold And Silver Round Hebrew HZI Pendant
Two Tone Gold And Silver Round Hebrew HZI Pendant
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Product Description

Enliven your jewelry collection with this beautiful two tone pendant made of 14k Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver 925.

The pendant features 14k Yellow gold HZI letters in hebrew.

According to the kabbalah, in exodus book, chapter 14, verses 19-21,hidden the 72 names of god. Write the first verse with no space between the letters in oe line, than write the sec verse from the end and on the third line write the third verse. Than take the first letter of the first box, first letter of the sec line and first letter of the third line and you got the first secret holy name of god.

Hei-Zain-Yud - are one of the secret names. Helps to get positiv energy and helps to commect better with angels

This pendant dimensions are: 2.1 cm x 2.1 cm.